OpSpec Training is a collaboration of custom gunsmiths, competitive shooting and law enforcement specialists who have created a training environment and curriculum that is ‘process’ oriented rather than ‘goal’ oriented. 

OpSpec’s system of instruction is unique; we emphasize the process of ‘running the gun’, much like driving a car. Operating a vehicle or gun is the synthesis of the subconscious mind and conscious mind directing the machinery where to go next. Because people learn in different ways OpSpec Training courses employ visual, logical and experiential methods in a step-by-step success-oriented approach.

Jerry Jones, President & Master Instructor
A sheriff’s deputy since 1996 and currently assigned to a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team, Jerry is a POST-certified firearms instructor certified to teach SWAT, sniper operations, firearms and TASER at the academy level. Jerry has served as an adjunct instructor to state and federal agencies in the areas of firearms and sniper deployment and development. Jerry is a frequent contributor to such publications as Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, Special Weapons for Law Enforcement, and Combat Handguns.


Bruce Gray, Master Instructor
Bruce Gray offers 35 years of experience as an internationally respected pistol smith, professional shooter, writer and firearms consultant. He is currently a California POST certified rangemaster and instructor, and is commissioned as a deputy sheriff in the State of Oregon. Bruce is the author of Practical Fundamentals, which encapsulates the lessons learned during his career. A career that includes holding the highest classifications in all three action shooting disciplines, NRA Action, USPSA/IPSC and IDPA. It also includes winning a number of state, regional, national as well as international titles while driving HK, SIG Sauer, 1911 and other pistol platforms.

Practical Fundamentals

Using a building-block approach, the program encourages students to focus on the process of running the gun, tamping down the emotional desire to see results on the target. By using a variety of dry fire and live fire exercises, students are brought through the fundamentals of marksmanship with a focus on trigger control to help the shooter make fast hits on small targets, on demand.

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Advanced Pistol Operator

Advanced Pistol Operator Course (APOC) focuses on running your handgun at speed in a variety of conditions.  The course focuses on advancing your skills to your maximum ability through repetition. As the course progresses you’ll be exposed to the psychology required to draw and successfully hit discrete targets at human reaction speed. You must come prepared to learn, both mentally and physically.

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Advanced Pistol Marksmanship

The two-day Advanced Pistol Marksmanship course is for a shooter who wants to become faster and more accurate for defensive or competitive shooting. This course places a heavy emphasis on process oriented technical marksmanship to solve various marksmanship challenges. The goal of this course is to take the shooter through a series of logically organized problems, and equip the shooter with the ability to solve them.

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Pistol CQB

Pistol Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is designed for the law enforcement, military or qualified armed citizen who uses a pistol for defense.  This class revolves heavily on team building concepts to make the individual stronger in life­saving tactics under fire. During the two­-day program, students will learn to be both the defender of a home, automobile or building, as well as how to safely move inside a structure. Students will also participate as the “bad guy” in multiple scenarios.  Scenario-­based training using marking cartridges ensures you learn more, faster.

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Pistol Skill Builder

Pistol Skill Builder is OpSpec Training’s one-day review of our flagship Practical Fundamentals course. The program focuses on the process of running the gun, using dry and live fire exercises while focusing on marksmanship fundamentals and trigger control.

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