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Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI) offers sound, effective and professional training to create a citizenry that is competent and confident in their chosen defensive disciplines. We believe that by building a solid defensive foundation, our students will be prepared for the possibility of using force, life-saving tools and their skills to get them through any bad situation that may arise. Holding true to the fact that no situation is the same, MDFI courses are void of the dogma of “our way or the highway”.


Trek spent nearly a decade with the United States Air Force as a decorated Military Police Officer and Instructor. He has over 12,000 hours of instruction between his Military and Civilian duties and holds a nationwide Occupational Instructor certification and an Instructor of Military Science and Technology degree as a result.  Trek is a graduate of the Federal Criminal Investigator Training Program, a licensed and bonded Professional Investigator in the state of Michigan, and assistant instructors for Greenside Training out of Arizona and Centrifuge Training of Texas. When not teaching, Trek writes for publications such as RECOIL, Breach Bang Clear, and Monderno, discusses training and 2A issues on podcasts such like Practically Tactical, and  is also a proud supporter and volunteer for the Brian Terry Foundation. (


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15maralldayYou Suck! It's Not The Gun!Silver City NM Event Organized By: MDFI

16maralldayFoundational HandgunSilver City NM Event Organized By: MDFI

17maralldayHandgun Cover + MovementSilver City NM Event Organized By: MDFI

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