Our goal is to teach individuals how to manage life threatening injuries until professional help is available. Lone Star Medics will teach you the tools to combat that feeling of helplessness when a loved one or friend is severely injured. We teach individuals how to save someone’s life during those extremely critical moments while EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is responding to your emergency.

Lone Star Medics offers a wide variety of classes that are tailored for individuals, armed civilians, military and law enforcement. 

Caleb Causey started his career riding out with Medstar ambulance services in Fort Worth Texas; as part of the Boy Scouts of America’s Explorer program at the age of 16. After high school he joined the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic. After serving his country, Caleb joined the City of Benbrook’s Fire Department and served there as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT. Over the next several years Caleb was involved with the department’s rescue dive team and worked as the Tactical Medic with local area SWAT team. Caleb has proven to have a true passion for teaching medicine to people of all walks of life. Most of his classes are full of knowledge, experience, and laughter.

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Medic 1 & 2

This is our most popular two-day course. This course is perfect for those with little to no previous first aid training. We will cover aggressive first aid for moderate to severe injuries/illnesses.  Throughout class, each student will learn by minimal lectures, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and multiple scenarios involving role players. The students will participate in the skills training as individuals and as a team throughout both days.

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Medic 2 is a one day course that takes a deeper look at identifying and treating minor to moderate to even a few life-threatening injuries.

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Tac Med EDC

This one day course is specifically designed to teach the legally armed civilian or the armed professional, how to identify and treat immediate life-threatening injuries as a result of a violent attack. Throughout this course students will learn via hands-on skills practice, scenario-based training, and minimal lectures.  Scenarios will be conducted using inert training aids such as “blue guns”, SIRT training pistol, or airsoft pistols.

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CPR with AED

This course is the American Heart Association’s CPR with AED only. Each student, upon completion, will receive a certification card from the American Heart Association.

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BLS for Healthcare Provider

This course is designed for healthcare providers who are required to have CPR as part of their required credentials. BLS re-certification is available upon request.

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Mommy Medics

This 2-hour course is designed for Grandmothers and Moms exclusively. This course will be primarily based as a pediatric course. Lone Star Medics will teach these ladies how to deal with medical emergencies for children from the ages of newborn to 12 years old.

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Pro Re Nata

This is our improvised medical training course. During this one day class, students will learn how to utilize random items found in various environments to treat life-threatening injuries. This class is designed for students who already have a solid understanding in modern field medicine techniques and tools.

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Range Response

In this one day class, students learn how to identify and treat common injuries/illnesses related to the shooting sports while out on the range.  Everything from minor burns from hot brass, to gunshot wounds, to heat/cold related injuries, to foreign objects in the eyes, and other general medical emergencies will be covered.

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