Langdon Tactical, Inc. has been providing advanced tactical pistol and rifle training to military, law enforcement and civilians for more than ten years. Langdon Tactical, Inc. combines more than 25 years of military, industry and competition experience to bring the latest in tactical shooting techniques and equipment knowledge.

Ernest Langdon has 12 years active duty as a U.S. Marine and 18 years in the firearms industry. His duties in the Marine Corps include participation in military operations all over the world to include Panama, Cuba, Philippines, and the Persian Gulf.


After leaving the Marine Corps and entering the private sector, he has been shooting competitively for over 25 years and has acquired a Grand Master Class rating from the United States Practical Shooting Association. He is one of the few Distinguished Masters in the International Defensive Pistol Association with 10 National Championship Shooting titles and 2 World Speed Shooting titles.


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Tactical Pistol Skills

This is a 2-day course that covers all the skills necessary to effectively employ a handgun. Topics covered will include combat mindset, firearm marksmanship fundamentals and manipulation, clearing malfunctions, one handed shooting and shooting on the move.

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Advanced Tactical Pistol Skills

This 2-day course picks up where Tactical Pistol Skills leaves off. Special emphasis will be placed on high performance shooting, shooting on the move, engaging moving targets and non-standard shooting positions.

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Concealed / Off duty Carry

This 2-day class will cover the necessary skills to effectively employ concealed and off-duty carry gun.  Topics will include defensive mindset, firearms marksmanship fundamentals and manipulations, malfunction clearing, one handed shooting and shooting on the move.  Special emphasis will be given to small and compact guns.

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