Independence Training was created to train you how to react swiftly and effectively in emergency situations – whether you are an average citizen, a law enforcement officer, or a military service member. We offer training courses for beginner to experienced level students in firearms, emergency medical, defensive tactics, and youth education, and we do it at a cost that is highly competitive.

Glen Stilson, owner and head instructor, focuses on delivering practical and realistic training to his students. Glen is a certified instructor through the NRA, Arizona DPS, Colorado CHP, and the American Red Cross. He is also a youth mentor in the Outdoor Mastery and Elevation Outdoors programs, and a writer whose works include the book “Ready For Anything – a guide to predator hunting” and many articles for hunting, outdoor and firearms industry magazines. Glen has been actively involved with the shooting sports from an early age, and enjoys competing in action rifle and handgun shooting competitions. He is the host of The Arms Room show and the current Range Director at Cowtown Range.

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Independence Training offers a variety of one-day pistol classes including Basic Handgun & AZ Concealed Carry Permit, Defensive Handgun and Advanced Handgun.

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Long Guns


Independence Training offers a variety of one-day long gun classes including Defensive Carbine, Practical Hunting Rifle, and Practical Shotgun

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Independence Training offers a variety of medical classes including IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Life Saver, Trauma First Aid, and American Red Cross CPR and First Aid certification.  These classes are designed for people with little to no first aid experience. 

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