Immediate Action Combatives takes pride in working hard on our real world functional fighting skills without the typical paranoia/thug mentality so prevalent in today’s world of modern martial arts and self-defense.

Cecil Burch has been pursuing his passion for Martial Arts since he was 16.  He has studied and instructed in a wide variety of traditional arts, along with combative use of the stick and knife along with empty hands training.  In 1994 he began training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Megaton Dias. Cecil is currently a black belt under Megaton and has competed extensively. 


Cecil has worked extensively with Law Enforcement officers, Federal Air Marshals, military special operation troops, and private citizens on the functional utilization of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, boxing, and clinchfighting in close quarters combat.

Immediate Action Combatives


The most popular course.  Immediate Action Combatives combines IA Jiu-Jitsu and IA Pugilism in to a single 2-day class.

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Immediate Action Jiu-jitsu


Real world application of brazilian jiu-jitsu in a weapon based environment. 


The objective is to provide attendees who have limited training time and resources with solid ground survival and escape fundamentals geared toward the increasingly violent weapon based environments they may live, work and/or travel within. And all techniques/concepts are from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and are combat proven over the past 80 years by thousands of practitioners, including the U.S. Army. 

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Immediate Action Pugilism


Boxing for self-preservation in the weapons based environment.


The Immediate Action Pugilism course is designed to give the layman a realistic and functional set of concepts, techniques, methodologies, training drills and experiences that will prepare them for a worst case H2H scenario. All techniques and concepts are high percentile applications which span a wide spectrum of confrontations. 

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