Tactical Shooting

Hardwired Tactical Shooting is committed to teaching students not just to shoot, but to be successful in both the confrontation and the aftermath of an encounter with evil.

Our instructors aren't just hobbyists or shooting enthusiasts: they're all highly experienced police officers and military service members who have survived long careers both in the US and overseas. Each was a proven, highly successful instructor prior to moving on to the private sector, and they're dedicated to passing on their hard-earned knowledge to first responders, soldiers, and citizens who want to learn to defend their lives, their teammates, and their families.

At HiTS, we teach what we know works - not just theory - and is proven on the streets.


Darryl Bolke is a retired SoCal police officer who spent 17 years assigned to SWAT as a firearms instructor and primary instructor on all firearm systems. Darryl also authored and created a program for L/E edged weapons use and issue knives for all officers, and assisted in the design of several knives. Darryl has worked several years on various private sector investigation and protection details, is a Pro Staffer for L/E with Aimpoint, and is the co-owner of Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS).

Wayne Dobbs is a proud 5th generation native Texan and the child of Great Depression/WWII veterans from Victoria, TX. Wayne has lived his entire life in the Lone Star State and is retired from the Richardson, TX Police Department, where he spent an extremely active 25 year career. Dobbs served in Patrol, Deployment (covert tactical/crimes specific unit), SWAT, Narcotics/Intelligence, FBI-Dallas Organized Crime Task Force and Major Crimes/CID. For nearly 10 years, Wayne directed and managed his department’s firearms training program.

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Basic Pistol

This is a safety and basic fundamental class geared towards new firearm owners and those with no formal training. This is a non-stress course intended to provide a safe, family friendly atmosphere to learn.

First Responder - Pistol

This is our signature class.  It is designed to provide the first responders and well trained citizens with the tools necessary to prevail in all aspects of a lethal force encounter.  We will cover the entire Combat Triad of Mindset, Marksmanship and Gun Handling as equal parts.

First Responder - Adv. Pistol

This course will test students with more difficult training evolutions to use the skills gained in the First Responder Pistol Course.  This will include single hand shooting, injured officer drills, extensive movement, and other advanced gun handling skills.

First Responder - Shotgun

This class is designed to provide the necessary skills for not only effectively operating the 12 gauge Shotgun, but to address the specific handling skills for running it in indoors and in confined spaces as well as in traditional roles. It is a class to enhance the skills of those already trained in the basic operation of the 12-gauge Shotgun.

Low Light - Pistol

This course is designed as an “add-on” course for facilities that allow for low light shooting.  It will allow shooters to utilize the techniques taught by HiTS to be shot in actual low light conditions.  HiTS teaches both hand-held and weapon mounted light techniques used in conjunction with one another.

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