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Dave Spaulding was awarded the 2010 Law Officer Trainer of the Year at the International Law Enforcement Trainers and Educators Association’s Conference in Chicago. He is a 30+ year Law Enforcement & Federal Security Contractor veteran. Dave was a founding member of his Agency’s SWAT Team which performed hundreds of forced entries, and he spent 12 years as its training officer. Dave spent five years as a full time use of force instructor, and another five years as the commander of a multi-jurisdictional drug task force working major narcotics cases from Seattle to Miami.  Dave is a graduate of most of the major shooting schools including Thunder Ranch, Gunsite, Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting, Smith & Wesson Academy, SIG-Arms Academy, Heckler & Koch International Training Division, Lethal Force Institute, Beretta Training Division, CQB Services, Ltd. and Defense Training International.

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Essential Pistol
(1 day, 400 rounds)

This course focuses on those skills everyone must master to shoot the handgun well with an early emphasis on combat. Others call them “fundamentals” but we understand they are absolutely necessary… ESSENTIAL! Hard emphasis will be placed on the human contact with the handgun; proper grip, trigger control and body position while deploying the handgun to a threat. The course will progress at the rate of the student body, so do not be hesitant to select this course! This is where it all starts and you will be a better combative shooter when you leave.

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Combative Pistol

(2 Days, 600 Rounds)
The purpose of this course is to build solid essential skills (grip, trigger control, body position, holster skills, reloads, malfunction clearances, etc.) and put them in the fight! Students will be trained to anchor and improve these essential skills under set time frames established in six (6) standards that will be shot during the course combining speed and combat accuracy. This course is our doctrine, our “flag ship”, our foundation, how we at HC LLC think this should be done. Make no mistake, students will be pushed because when you face down a determined attacker, one must be resolute and confident their skills will work! That is what this course is about…these are the skills required to end the fight!!

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Advanced Combative Pistol
(2 Days, 600 Rounds)
This course is designed to begin where Combative Pistol left off. It is for the shooter who has a solid base of essential skills but now must learn how to use them in the padamonium of armed conflict. This course will focus on movement with purpose in conflict. Movement is more than just short lateral steps, it is moving dynamically, planting quickly , and shooting accurately. This coures will show you how to do this.


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Interactive Pistol

(2 Days, 400 Rounds)

This course reviews the essential skills on the live fire range and then transitions to man on man interactive training with airsoft guns to prove to the students their essential skills will indeed work in conflict. This is not a scenario- based course but a man on man conflict program of instruction that will lead to better performance in scenario based training. It is to grow confidence in skill…and we have known for centuries that it is confidence in skill that helps overcome fear in conflict. The course will also offer some interesting insights into individual performance.

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Critical Space Pistol
(2 Days, 600 Rounds)
The majority of armed confrontations involving law enforcement officers occur at double arms- length also known as “the hole”. Due to the close proximity of other humans, there is no reason to believe there is a difference for armed citizens. Emphasis will be placed on the draw and shooting from positions that are anything but traditional including the contact shot. Strike zones and how to strike will also be addressed. This is the class that bridges the gap between open hands and handguns. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER COURSE and much of the training will occur at contact distance. Students should be skilled in the art of the handgun.

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Concealed Pistol
(2 Days, 600 Rounds)
This “stand alone” course is a good choice for the person who has just received their CPL/CCW permit and wants to take their preparedness to the next level or the person who carries a gun regularly (armed citizen or off-duty cop) concealed and needs to “brush up” their personal security skills. The course covers equipment selection, concealment locations, proper weapon selection, lifestyle commitments, wound ballistics, combative mindset, garment removal techniques and “running” a combative handgun.

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Adaptive Combat Pistol
(2 Days, 600 rounds)
This course will review essential combat shooting skills and will then add skills that are not normally found in a basic square range course. Use of cover, unconvential shooting positions, multiple target engagement, dynamic movement, one hand shooting and one hand weapon manipulation skills will be emphathisized. Adaptation is the key to prevailing in a situation where you life is on the line and this course will help bolster those skills.

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Vehicle Combatives
(2 Days, 600 rounds)
This course explores how to fight in, out and around motor vehicles. Originally designed for narcotics enforcement officers, this course has been "citizenized" for use by armed citizens and law enforcement alike. Subjects covered include vehicle construction, carjack dynamics, de-bussing from a vehicle, the vehicle as cover, shooting through auto glass with emphasis on the varied glass used in vehicles, shooting around, over and under vehicles as well as what a person can expect from handgun ammo when fired at or out of a car.

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Reduced Light Pistol
(1 or 2 Days, 300-600 rounds)
This course deals with combative pistol skills while operating in such environments. Subjects covered in this course include how to navigate the dark, shooting in the dark, adjusting the eyes, the use of handheld lights, the use of weapon mounted lights, how to use handheld and weapon lights in conjunction with each other, how to manipulate your handgun while holding a light and movement in the dark.

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Map location pins do not show exact event location.  Pins show nearest city per the training organization.

02marallday03Advanced Combative PistolSwansea SC Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

16marallday17Advanced Covert PistolAnn Arbor MI Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

06aprallday07Adaptive Combat PistolJackson MS Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

20aprallday21Combative PistolKilleen TX Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

18mayalldayEssential PistolMiamisburg OH Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

08junallday09Advanced Combative PistolFt Collins CO Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

15julallday19Handgun Combative InstructorFirth NE Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

03augallday04Combative PistolKalamazoo MI Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

17augallday18Combative PistolMcHenry IL Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

07sepallday08Adaptive Combat PistolArcanum OH Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

14sepallday15Adaptive Combat PistolCoeur d’Alene ID Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

21sepallday22Combative PistolReeseville SC Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

05octallday06Advanced Covert PistolMiamisburg OH Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

12octallday13Advanced Covert PistolJackson MS Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

19octallday20Adaptive Combat PistolBeaumont TX Event Organized By: Handgun Combatives

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