Cumberland Tactics is a mobile training school devoted to providing state-of-the-art instruction to serious students. Our courses are designed to encompass marksmanship, manipulation, tactics, and mental conditioning as they relate to the defensive use of small arms. Class size is limited and everyone receives personalized one-on-one instruction.

Randy Cain is a former police officer and Gunsite instructor and graduate of a wide variety of shooting schools.  He has taught hundreds of handgun, rifle, and shotgun classes to military, law enforcement, and civilians. 

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Handgun Classes


The comprehensive curriculum encompasses all elements of the 'Modern Technique of the Pistol' and introduces new concepts in tactical applications. The format provides a base in the fundamentals of marksmanship, tactical manipulation, the draw stroke, malfunction clearance, weapon retention, shooting on the move, moving targets, alternate tactical body positions, low-light shooting, and mental conditioning. Other topics include basic one man tactics, working with a partner, and an introduction to team tactics.

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Carbine I & II


These 3 day courses covers the full spectrum of the fighting carbine - from "house clearing" and entry techniques to mid-range field applications. Marksmanship, Manipulation and Tactics receive equal attention to detail.

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Shotgun I & II


Our training is designed to clarify both the versatility and the limitations of the weapon. The syllabus covers tactical manipulation, patterning characteristics, the mount, deployment in both indoor and outdoor situations, use of the sling or carry strap, ammunition selection, night shooting, and transition from shoulder fired weapon to handgun.

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Practical Rifle


This course is best suited to lightweight, fast handling bolt action rifles with iron sights or low power scopes. Lever rifles are also permitted. The format explores practical marksmanship at practical distances under field conditions. Problems are addressed from near contact distance out to 400 yards maximum. It is not a "long range" shooting course. The course is suitable for the person who wishes to utilize the rifle as a defensive tool as well as the hunter in the sporting field.

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Sniper / Counter Sniper


A precision rifle course which requires a scoped rifle capable of 1 MOA. All shooting is done under field conditions. Topics include: proper cleaning and maintenance, ballistics, camouflage and concealment, observation and intelligence gathering, terrain analysis, stalking and movement, and tactical applications. Usually a 5-day course.

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Map location pins do not show exact event location.  Pins show nearest city per the training organization.

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29sep - 1octAll DayTactical Handgun 101Lakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

13oct - 15All DayCarbine ILakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

23oct - 25All DayTactical Handgun 101Lakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

27oct - 29All DayClose Quarter TacticsLakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

10nov - 12All DayPractical RifleLakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

14nov - 15All DayLadies Only - HandgunLakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

17nov - 19All DayIntermediate HandgunLakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

8dec - 10All DayShotgun 2Lakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

11dec - 12All DayRevolverLakeland FL Event Organized By: Cumberland Tactical

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Updated May 2017