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Melody Lauer is a Rangemaster Advanced Handgun and NRA certified instructor since 2007. As the owner and operator of Central Iowa Defensive Training she has dedicated herself to quality, reliable self-defense information and training. She continues to seek new opportunities to learn and share information relating to self-defense and the safe, effectual use of firearms for self-defense.

Melody is a mother of three, Emergency Medical Technician and writer dedicated to learning and sharing the most effective skills in preserving innocent life.

John Johnston is the host of Ballistic Radio, a Rangemaster certified Advanced Handgun Instructor, and has logged over 1,000 hours of private instruction with many of the top instructors in the industry. In addition to hosting Ballistic Radio, John helps test and develop firearms related products.


The Armed Parent/Guardian

A fast-paced course designed around the thought, “What if my children are with me when I get into a shooting?” Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian discusses with students the hard/soft skills necessary to solve the commonly observed shooting problems associated with fighting with our children present. Are some of the most commonly held best practices for if we are attacked when we are alone actually going to put our loved ones at risk when they are present? Students will be shown WHY the context we find ourselves in as a parent can change our tactics. This skill-intensive two-day course covers application of practical handgun skills in a family environment. Topics include, but are not limited to; types of attacks, avoidance skills, handgun terminal ballistics and the importance of accuracy, one-handed access/shooting skills, shooting past/around no-shoots, clearing family members from lines of fire, best practices for dealing with a close-range assault while loading/unloading children from the vehicle, malfunction clearances and more with the end result being students better capable of delivering fast, accurate, fight-ending fire on demand.

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04mayallday05Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/GuardianReeseville SC Event Organized By: Citizens Defense Research

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