Agile Training & Consulting offers customized training on diverse array of personal defense options for different people in different contexts. We have experience on all levels of defensive instruction — from teaching SWAT officers how to engage an active mass murderer, to counseling retirees on why they should trim their hedges for better visibility.  Whether you need a home security consultation, a marksmanship primer, a workplace violence seminar, or training on the proper use of pepper spray, A/TaC has a course for you. And if we don’t have the course in our standard repertoire, we will design it from scratch in accordance with your specifications.

Chuck Haggard has been active in private defensive training throughout his long career in urban law enforcement. After nearly thirty years of steady upward progression through the ranks of the Topeka Police Department, he ventured out on his own to pursue private training on a more regular basis. Chuck maintains his POST certification and stays active in the law enforcement community, but he now devotes even more time to training other police officers, military personnel, security forces, and private citizens on the art and science of personal defense.


Firearms Training


A/TaC offers all levels of firearms training, from basic beginner fundamentals to advanced marksmanship and specialized skills.He is certified to teach every class of firearms, including handguns, carbines, shotguns, and rifles. A/TaC can design a program tailored to meet the client’s needs — whether for concealed carry, home defense, competition, military, police, or other applications. Whether the client is a large group or a single person, our highly-customizable curriculum can be easily adapted to ensure that our clients get all the information they need and none of the information they don’t need.

Defensive Tactics


One of the fastest-growing areas of training nowadays is defensive tactics. This is critically important both for law enforcement and for civilian personal defense. If the true goal is effective personal defense (as opposed to just shooting proficiency), then equipment and marksmanship are only the beginning. Tactical training from A/TaC equips people with the mindset, attitude, and strategic problem-solving skills to anticipate threats and handle them proactively rather than reactively.

Less Lethal Systems


While the training world has no shortage of marksmanship enthusiasts, very few can genuinely claim any expertise in less-lethal systems. But since not every situation calls for a firearm, Chuck Haggard is a firm believer in keeping other options available and knowing how to deploy them effectively. He is an expert and certified instructor in the use of several varieties of batons, O.C. spray, Tasers, and other compliance and control tools. He also offers instructor-level training for the Monadnock MEB baton and PR-24 baton.

Active Shooter


The “active shooter” (mass murderer or spree killer) has been the object of intense media attention lately.  Chuck is an outspoken advocate of the immediate action rapid deployment strategy for first responders to active shooter situations. He is also available to train school officials, teachers, and other non-law-enforcement personnel on effective civilian responses to potential mass casualty threats.


Law Enforcement


For law enforcement agencies and officers, A/TaC offers a full range of courses and seminars on reasonable use of force and the practical application of the force continuum.

Additionally, A/TaC provides customized training for SWAT officers and other special operators of all types and experience levels.

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