Intermediate & Advance Carbine

These classes are for experienced students who are looking to further refine their skills.  Strong emphasis will be placed on increased stress and specific skills such as strong- and weak- hand shooting, shooting on the move, and low light conditions.


These 2-3 day classes are usually high stress and have a high round count (1,000+).


Prerequisites vary.  Instructors may require evidence of previous training and/or a skills assessment.

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february, 2019

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A basic carbine course is an introductory course for newcomers to get a base level of skill with a carbine. These courses are intended for people with little to no knowledge of handling a firearm and will build a foundation for seeking further training. If you have never handled a firearm, or if you haven't shot in a long time, these are the courses for you.  Expect a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere.

Fundamental carbine This is the flagship course for most trainers.  They are generally are 2 full days of training designed for the those who use carbines regularly.  They take a deeper look at carbine fundamentals, manipulation and tactics.   Expect higher standards and pressure than a basic class.

Intermediate and advanced carbine courses will challenge the shooter to further refine their craft with complex problem solving and understanding tactics as they relate to the use of a carbine.  Many of these classes focus on specific skills applicable to defensive use, such as shooting on the move and one-handed shooting.

Competition Carbine:  Coming soon